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Prepared with the help of skilled chefs, our Fast Food selections will definitely fulfill your cravings! Order now for home delivery or takeaway, and experience true expertise of the culinary world.​​​​​​​

Our Story

Beachside Café and Bar stands for everything that defines a perfect meal. Memorable taste and an overall healthy experience is what makes us the best in what we do. We serve you delicious food, that showcases our culinary expertise.

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Skip the wait time to get the finest food for you and your family served fresh and made with extreme care by our skilled chefs. Order Online and let us help you sort out your meals.

About Us

We Offer People Best Way To Eat Best Food

Every dish at Beachside Café and Bar is made fresh. Yes – every single dish. This gives us total control over ingredients, food quality and freshness ensuring you have the best meal possible. Our experienced chefs have cooked up delicious food for you.

What’s better than having a Crispy Melty Pizza in the comfort of your own home with the ones you love.


Today Beachside Café and Bar is the only place cooking fresh food for every order placed. Since inception we have launched lot of burgers with beef patty and chicken patty.


Happily, our decision was entirely based on using those ingredients which gave our pizzas the most delicious flavor, texture, and character.


Many different types of food items are placed into this category that may be provided by being taken directly from a growing plant or may be a processed as a food item specifically for the purpose of being wrapped around food.

Our Timings


7.30 AM to 03.00 AM
7.30 AM to 03.00 AM
7.30 AM to 03.00 AM
7.30 AM to 03.00 AM
7.30 AM to 03.00 AM
7.30 AM to 03.00 AM
7.30 AM to 03.00 AM

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